Fa, visa, tea, Amen

One of the most brilliant things about the last few weeks has been hearing Rufus pray. As his language has got more fluent, and words are becoming sentences, he loves to pray at mealtimes. He loves it so much that he gets a bit upset if someone else presumes to say grace rather than him.

He starts each prayer with ‘Fa’ – Father – which is quickly followed by ‘visa’ and then whatever he wants to thank God for at that moment. Usually that’s the detail of the food that’s in front of him. Wonderfully this evening we got a sort of tick list of our move to America…moving house, up high, ‘Merica, Amen. Without really understanding what’s happening, he’s definitely picked up that America is on!

Unnerving to hear our own prayers mirrored in his – clearly we’ve been quick to pray for the visa in every conceivable praying situation!

How amazing to know that the mighty God of the universe hears  little praying Rufus around our dinner table. We’re praying that he would always love to pray and so trust God with every detail of his life.



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