Phasing into Home

We’ve loved staying with our friends this last week, and have been so grateful for such generous hospitality. Phase one of starting out in America has been camping out at their house while we have gathered our wits and necessary items. 

It’s been brilliant to hit phase two and move into our new home. It’s wonderful. The beginnings of imagining what life here might be like. And liking what we’re envisaging as we see the boys racing from room to room, and begin to unwind ourselves. 

The slight road bump has been that there seem to be some inconvenient branches (!) that mean internet connection is difficult so we’re waiting unexpectedly on a tree-trimmer before we can get going.

The prospect of a week or more without easy access to the internet feels isolating when most of our ties with the UK are cyberspace maintained. But already it has forced us to slow down, and probably take in our surroundings more than if we had screens in play. Saying that, I can see that stress levels will rise if Jonathan has to run a business from the cafe in Target rather than his office. 

Outside of screen concerns, we had our first visitors to the house today. Raucous running around furniture-less rooms meant that the children were keen to come back soon! We are so thankful for various introductions from friends to people within reach of Naperville. 

Already, as tentative relational reaches are made, we begin to feel like this could be home. 


Waving goodbye to our first visitors

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