Knock and Run

Knock, knock.

Duplo dropped, bum shuffle begins and the race to the door is on. Any action involving the door, people and big vehicles gets the full attention of these two little boys.

But as we reach the door and swing it open, all we see is the retreating back of a Fedex man as he strides back to his van. Without a backward glance, he’s back behind the wheel and off to his next delivery.

Our delivery might be outside the door, but more than likely it won’t have made it up the stairs and will be resting against the bottom step or hiding around the corner.

The ‘knock and run’ delivery drivers here are in direct contrast to the ‘knock and knock and make loud noise until you come’ type that we have in England. Rather than the insistent noise of DPD deliveries, it’s stealth and almost imperceptible knocking that is the normal practice here.

But at any hint of a knock, we still walk/run/bum shuffle to the door in the hope of catching sight of the man and his van before they speed away.

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