Bring it on…

As I enjoy a moment of sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, I’m full of exhausted anticipation for the break. The break that comes with Christmas, New Year and all the trimmings, but also our bigger break of the next little while.

While the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, we’ve realised that it’s been months, and even years, of full pelt living – especially for Jonathan – and so we’re stopping.

Kind of.

American things carry on in safe hands, UK things are set up for us to be out of the country…and so we’re set to make our home in Yorkshire for at least a couple of months.

Rest, refreshment, doing some different things, having time to breathe without the pressure of recent times, having space for different projects, different opportunities.

We’re ready for it – I think we both feel like we could sleep for weeks, if only the boys would agree to longer nights and later mornings. When they’re looking as they do in the photo below, I almost think they might consider it!

It feels like a big deal to have come to the decision to take a step back from things.

But I do wonder if, by God’s grace, it is the gift that we need right now. And if we were still in America, if visas hadn’t imploded, if the upheavals hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t be happening.

I was talking with a friend this morning about the challenges of continually trusting God – how it’s not just a one off thing but needs to be done again and again. I’m grateful that, even through my tired eyes, I’m beginning to see that His plans and ways might even be better than mine. Maybe He knew we needed this space, maybe He’s got better things in store than we could have imagined.

Bring it on…the break but also God’s good plans for now, and on into the future. We’d love that to include America at some point, but we’ll go with what He’s got for us.


One thought on “Bring it on…

  1. I can identify with your comments in so many ways. For me, The Lord has used circumstances that I wouldn’t wish on anyone but through it He is constantly speaking so directly through His Word and giving me the faith that doesn’t ask to see the way ahead but just hold His outstretched hand as He guides me through this time and knowing He is working on so many levels in many different ways. It’s enough to know Him isn’t it. As with my situation, I am sure He will bring you all through this time far richer in Him than you could imagine.
    … Job 23:10.


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