Back ‘home’

It’s been over a month since I last wrote. Weeks filled with family in England, a quarantine-mandated holiday in Mexico and our return to the States, with Rufus starting school within a couple of days of us being back.


Heart-filling, heart-breaking and heart-resting…and then heart-racing as we kick back into normal life, picking up pace rapidly.

The tail-end of our England trip was spent in Newcastle, enjoying sister/cousin time, and then a family holiday in North Wales as we all packed into a house within reach of the beach. Classic English summer holiday, as we headed to the beach come rain or shine. The sort of activity that bemuses my American friends, as they embrace tropical summers and hit the beach only when temperatures are high.

Tearful goodbyes as we drove away, thoughts turning to our next adventure as we began our convoluted journey back ‘home’.

The home which has our everyday, our normality and contains the last couple of years of our lives. The home which within a few days of being back in England felt suddenly far away and even alien. The home which held toys that were longed for, and friends who frustratingly couldn’t come and play on a Welsh beach. The home which, after six weeks travelling, was becoming more appealing than it had been when we first arrived back in that most familiar, history-holding ‘home’ of England, peopled with those we love and miss.

But, in God’s good and perfect timing, we were headed back home to the States via Mexico. Covid restrictions demanded fourteen nights in a place outside of Europe before we were allowed back in, and so began an enforced but very welcome family holiday in the sunshine.

Restful, lazy days together. Ups and downs that come with life, despite being on a beach. Energetic boys to entertain. So much for which to be thankful.

And time to transition from the goodbyes to hellos as we began to feel ready to return home. Heart equilibrium began to be restored as we relaxed into being exactly where we were, rather than where we had been or where we were going. A privilege to have some limbo before touchdown in Chicago.

We have been so welcomed and loved upon our return. Church family have abundantly blessed us with meals to fill the empty fridge, and the company of friends has been a joy that has reminded us of life here. School is bringing smiles, and I’m looking forward to podcasting and bible-studying in the margins of it all. Jonathan has hit the road, books are going out and we’re remembering why the Lord has us in this place, at the time, for however long. Praising Him as we run the race, whether it’s here at home or in the interludes of visits to other places, including England.


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