Slowing and Seeing

One of the realities of living in the far-reaching country of America is that long road trips are a normality. Americans think nothing of a three hour round trip for a day out, while us Brits are planning a whole week’s holiday around such a journey. My sons and I recently had a five hour stint in the car together, and we listened to the audiobook of J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’. Having encountered numerous adaptions over the years, mainly courtesy of Disney, I realised as I was listening that I don’t think I have ever read the book before. The rye humour, the rich detail and surprisingly sinister pirates were something of a revelation as we trekked from Illinois down to Kentucky. (The wagon ride in the photo was on arrival rather than down the motorway!)

My sister and I have just kicked off season 4 of our podcast, and we have chosen to dig into the first few chapters of John’s gospel together. As we walk slowly through the verses, chatting along the way over our cups of tea, I’ve found myself blown away by the rich, revealed reality of Jesus Christ himself. Verses that are familiar to the extent that it’s tempting to skim through that first chapter are coming to life as we pause and reflect on the realities of what John is showing us as he points to God himself coming to dwell with us. 

As my heart is stirred up by this delightful meander through the eyewitness account of Jesus’ life, it’s reminded me to look around in the here and now, give things a second glance, and dust off assumptions as the pace of life picks up and 2022 gains momentum. It’s in the extra moments given to listening to the non-stop chatter of my youngest, or matching my eldest’s slow pace as we walk back from school and he relays the morning’s events, or sitting for minute with my husband as I bring him a cup of tea at his desk. Rich details, life-giving pauses and heart-stirring thankfulness as I try and slow down and look around.


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