Celebrating and Steadying

It’s the day after the day before.

Yesterday was Independence Day, and we were swept into celebrations that felt like it was America on double speed. As we settled into pole position to watch the local parade, we were unprepared for the raw noise and joy of marching bands, dancing acrobats, rocking crooners and a crowd of onlookers dressed in the 4th July uniform of red, white and blue.

Today, amidst the boys’ on and off chanting of ‘America is the best’, we have been packing for our imminent trip to England. The steamy temperatures of Illinois summer will be swapped for the cooler climes of Northern England, and we’re excited. Despite being all in with yesterday’s fun (declaring it the best day ever), Rufus said this evening that England would be his home of choice because of family and friends. The conversation meandered around the to-ing and fro-ing between the two continents, and we agreed that we’re sad to say goodbye to our friends here for a while, but excited to see our friends there, and also glad that we get to come back.

It’s the day before the day we travel and I’m in full agreement with Rufus’ emotional hotchpotch. We live life to the full in our current context, and are so thankful for all that God has given us in this American adventure. We’re ready, and excited, to parachute back into UK life while also aware that hearts are likely to take a battering as we say hellos and goodbyes far too quickly for everyone’s liking.

But I’m praying that my heart would be steadied like the psalmist’s in psalm 16. He says he has ‘set the Lord always before me, because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.’ I’m glad for unshaken certainties that are unchanged by geography or emotion. I’m praying that I can be all in where the Lord has me, and not anticipate the heartache around the corner before I get there.


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